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Willem's Bottled Cocktails

Ready to drink bottled cocktails with Willem's Wermoed Original. Delicious handmade cocktails delivered to your doorstep!

Willem's Martinez 
A classic cocktail with a Dutch twist. A delightful combination of Willem's Wermoed Original and Dutch gin. A match made in heaven if you ask us. The Martinez is often named the Father of the Martini, this is a classic drink with a beautiful, dark honey colour and a complicated but well-balanced, taste. An elegant cocktail to be enjoyed chilled and straight from the bottle. 


Dutch Negroni 
The Negroni is the King of the cocktails! One of our favorite cocktails. With equal parts Willem’s Wermoed, gin, and bitter, this is a banger of a drink. Bitter, sweet, dry, and refreshing all at once, this deep red cocktail has captured many hearts. We created this cocktail for you to enjoy and sip over ice, straight from the bottle.

Reverse Manhattan
If you’re a fan of vermouth and whisky then this is your go-to drink.  A rich cocktail, with warm and sweet spices. A perfect after-dinner drink.

“In a lot of ways, the Reverse Manhattan is an homage to how people used to drink vermouth and an homage to the genesis of cocktails as a whole.”



Willem's Bottled Cocktails

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