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World's first Dutch vermouth.

The quest for our handcrafted vermouth began in Amsterdam's Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest medicinal gardens in the world. Its thousands of herbs and indigenous plants inspired our signature bittersweet blend, the same way we'd like to inspire you.

The name Willem was inspired by the great explorers who shaped the 17th century into the Dutch Golden Age, embracing the unexpected. It was the unexpected that forced them to be creative and nurture their crafts. It was the unexpected that enriched their lives. In the creation of fine vermouth, certain ingredients should not be overlooked. ‘Wermoed’ is the Dutch word for Wormwood, one of the key ingredients that give vermouth its characteristic bittersweet taste.

Giving Back
Premium Botanical Aperitif 

Our full-flavoured botanical vermouth & aperitif range is made with high-quality wines and all-natural botanical ingredients. 


Willem's Wermoed Original 

Rich & Aromatic (Fig, pine, warm spices) 

Willem's Wermoed Dutch Dry

Herbal & Dry (Lemon, sage, rosemary)

Willem's Wermoed Pink 
Fresh & Fruity (Rhubarb, raspberry, vanilla chai )

Willem's Wermoed Royal Orange 

Herbal & Fruity (Zesty orange, sea buckthorn, rosemary)

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